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Alert-Plus Review

Adapt status information delivery concept (born in 2000) to today’s needs and options.

RDS-TMC Dev Suite

Provide developer of mobile application with laboratory transmitter, test suite and guidelines.

RDS-TMC Receiver and Transmitter

Develop RDS probes for reception, software for Alert-C and Alert-Plus broadcast.

RDS-TMC Monitor

Receive, decode, archive, audit, monitor and visualize what is in the air.

Technology Stack

RDS Radio Data System, born in 1984, allows transmission of digital data over analog channel (FM broadcast).

RDS-TMC RDS Traffic Message Channel allows transmission of traffic information via RDS.

Alert-C Standard for encoding event based traffic information into RDS-TMC.

Alert-Plus Concept from 2000 for transmission of status related information in RDS-TMC with up to 5-7 times higher capacity. It can co-exist with Alert-C.


RDS AC AP Solution Availability
Probe: Reception, Archiving now
Monitor: Decoding, Monitoring now
Audit: RDS-TMC Service Audit now
Map: Live Content Presentation in Map now
Dev Suite: Lab Transmitter, Test cases, Methodology 2015
AC Encoder: Alert-C RDS-TMC Encoder now
AP Encoder: Alert-Plus RDS-TMC Encoder 2015
AP Draft: Alert-Plus Specification update now
AP Standard: Alert-Plus Specification update ???

Use Cases

Already providing RDS-TMC service Ask for audit (see Audit in Solutions). After installation our RDS probes (Probe) and short collection period we provide you with a report evaluating content and quality of your RDS-TMC service. Long term monitoring (Monitor) even private or public web presentation of your content in the air (Map) is also available.

Moving new RDS-TMC service into production You already have RDS-TMC “almost” in production and want quickly detect and resolve potential problems. Ask for audit (Audit) or short term monitoring (Monitor).

Planning to deploy new RDS-TMC service You have your Traffic Management Centre, information to broadcast, but missing a solution for the last RDS-TMC mile. Ask for Alert-C RDS-TMC Encoder (AC Encoder), which translates your traffic information into UECP and sends it to RDS encoder for further broadcast.
Developing mobile RDS-TMC application As mobile application developer, you want to develop an application making use of RDS-TMC (based on Alert-C or Alert-Plus), but have difficulties to test it. Ask for App Dev Suite (Dev Suite), which will bring transmitter to your desk together with tests suite, test scenarios and instructions guiding you towards properly developed and tested application.

Searching for a solution easing up the parking mess in your city The city you love so much is having big problems with parking, most people spend hours hunting for a place to park. As you already have the information about available parking facilities, you only miss an efficient mean to provide the information to the majority of drivers.

Searching for status information distribution channel You have a great source of valuable status data (fuel prices, travel speeds, travel times…) and dream of a distribution channel serving even disconnected devices. Partner with us and some mobile application developer and we will find a solution for providing the information to the majority of your potential users.
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TurboTMC is a research project co-funded by TAČR (TA03031386) concluding in 2014